Rabu, 20 April 2011

My name cahya Tri Raharjo, I was born in Bandung, Central Java descent because my parents were born there, my name is eating his letter o ^ ^. but friends usually call me cahya or toads are also okay.

I was born 2 March 1993. children to 3 of 4 siblings, Nothing special in me, but clearly I am a person who likes to make friends and people who like new things, of course, new things that can give benefit and advantage for me.

I like playing games, mobile service, the streets, blogging, playing basketball and forget again ^ ^ most of the hell that I like so forget anything. I try new things in the world bloggers here I am trying to make is often about what I know because God promises that say natural breathing until we die off later that convey the good things we know to the people even though only one said.
understand, bio, resume practicing and teaching it.

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